Affordable. Efficient. Effective.

Disclosure Clinic is a limited scope family law service, doing one thing, very well: Family Law Financial Disclosure.

Disclosure Clinic identifies the legal issues you are asserting and the defending, and gets you ahead of those issues through your financial disclosure.

Disclosure Clinic helps you build trust, credibility and your legal case through your financial disclosure.

Shmuel Stern has practiced as an Ontario Family Lawyer since 2003. In creating Disclosure Clinic, Shmuel’s vision is to change how financial disclosure is viewed and completed in the family law process.  It’s time we stopped treating the 80% who don’t know how to disclose as if they are the 20% who don’t want to disclose. Disclosure Clinic fills that void.

In addition to his practice, Shmuel has a broad history of providing legal education. He continues to write and present on family law issues to other legal professionals, and – more importantly – directly to the very people going through the process. You can also follow his family law twitter feed @corollaryrelief

Thoughtful. Thorough.

Carla Lee Sutton has over 18 years of extensive experience as a Family Law clerk working closely with clients preparing their financial statements, disclosure briefs and net family property statements. With her experience, Carla has true talent creating complete and compelling financial statements.

Carla has a passion for people and helping them get through their family law process with their dignity and finances intact. Learn more about her and her coaching services here.