Financial Disclosure for the Self-Employed

We know the drill: (1) Insert the client’s net income, as declared, on their financial statement; (2) Receive the predictable initial disclosure requests; (3) Chase client for documents; (4) Argue about further disclosure requests; (5) Chase client for further documents;  (6) Face the predictable claims to for imputing, costs and striking claims over “failing to provide adequate disclosure”; (7) Settle on an imputed income the client will have trouble getting out of when really needed; (8) Repeat for the next client.

Is there is another way? Yes, really.

Take an hour to learn from the case law how to:

  • Understand what we are (repeatedly) doing wrong 
  • Interview a self-employed client
  • Thoughtfully formulate the presentation of their information on their financial statement
  • Finally get ahead of the disclosure requests


  • Format: Zoom and PDF
  • Materials included:
    • Video and Slide Deck (1hr)
    • The law on Disclosure for the Self Employed
    • Toolkit for Disclosure for the Self Employed
    • Sample completed Financial Statement using the Toolkit
    • Versions of typical current financial statements: Sammy Self Employed and Ingrid Incorporated
  • Cost: $20 (Credit Card only)
  • Eligible for 1 hour of LSO Substantive CPD credit (when viewed with a colleague)

Originally presented on July 16, 2021 by Shmuel Stern, family law lawyer and founder of Disclosure Clinic. Shmuel also runs the @corollaryrelief twitter feed and more recently is the website editor of courtnoticefinder.ca.

On payment, you will be directed to the materials page. If you have any problems at all, email cpd@disclosureclinic.com.