Disclosure Help, As You Need It


Just Getting Started? Services Provided:

  • Determining the disclosure you’ll need and want to address
  • Drafting an up-to-date financial statement
  • Reviewing of your financial statement before it’s finalized
  • Compiling your financial disclosure documents
  • Drafting a Financial Disclosure Certificate to collate your  disclosure documentation
  • Answering all of your Disclosure questions

Mired in it? Services Provided:

  • Assessing the reasonableness of the disclosure demands made against you 
  • Reviewing Net Family Property statements to determine the state of your – and the other party’s – disclosure
  • Drafting support calculations, fully documented Net Family Property statements or Net Family Property Worksheets (note: higher rates apply)

Are you a Lawyer?

If you’re uncomfortable with a client’s financial issues, the speed with which they are providing their disclosure, or just want the peace of mind that collecting and assessing paper is not on your head, Disclosure Clinic can help you.

Billing separately, or as arranged with your office.

Email us: contact@disclosureclinic.com

Call: 647-812-7411

Are you a Mediator?

If you’re in midst of a mediation where you can use some help understanding the nature of a financial dispute, Disclosure Clinic is a cost effective way to provide you – and your clients – neutral support to succeed. 

Email us: contact@disclosureclinic.com

Call: 647-812-7411