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Time to Stop Talking About the Weather

How many times do we need to be told by Judges that proper financial disclosure is “the most basic obligation” (etc, etc.) of family law? We need to move past talking about the importance of financial disclosure to actually confronting the nuts and bolts of how to disclose: how parties are to provide their financial information methodically and their evidence in an organized way. That is, how to help people through our family law system as efficiently as possible. 

Shmuel Stern, founder of Disclosure Clinic, provides group and individual learning sessions on topics across on the spectrum about financial disclosure and the law: From understanding the basic relevance of disclosure to a client’s legal claims, to high level net family property complexities and “in the weeds” income issues.


“From this presentation and an earlier one, I can say that Shmuel is one of the best presenters on family law in Ontario. He is enthusiastic about the topics and understands how to convey critical information to his audience.”

“I really appreciated the amount of material you provided, the depth of discussion and your passion on the subject.”

“The seminar was extremely well done.”

“I like the checklists and documentation that I can rely on at a later date.”


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