Look forward

When you separated, you never expected a fillable form and chasing paper would be so important. 

It’s small comfort that your situation is similar to many others going through the family law process. 

But now that you are here, deal with it productively. 

Your Reputation

You may have already been accused of “failing” to provide financial disclosure, implying that you can’t be trusted

That you must be hiding something.

It’s a very easy argument to make.

Disclosure Clinic assesses and addresses these claims. There is a point – in law – where your disclosure obligations are reasonably fulfilled. There is a point when you can move forward.

Yours, to Prove

Financial disclosure is not it’s own legal issue. It is tied to your specific legal circumstances. 

And your financial circumstances – your income, your expenses, your net worth – are yours to prove, and not the other party’s responsibility to figure out. 

These two principles provide focus on the task ahead of you.

Get in front of it all

There is a goal. There is an end.

You can make it right.

We can help.