Completing Your Family Law Financial Statement

Form 13 Financial Statement

For pursuing or defending against Support Claims & Motions to Change, Marriage Contracts & Cohabitation Agreements

Form 13.1 Financial statement

For both support and property claims, including Equalization of Net Family Property and Equitable Trust Claims

Form 13A disclosure certificate

For organizing and compiling all of your documents for building trust and easy cross-reference.

Providing Income Disclosure, Whether You are:


Full & Part time, Bonuses, Multiple Jobs, Commissions and Related Expenses, Source Deductions

Self Employed

Sole proprietor, Professional, Partnership, Incorporated Business,
Rental & Passive Investment Income

Not Working

Homemaker, Student, Retired, Job Termination, Unemployed, COVID-19, Disabled, Immigration Status

Compelling Budget Disclosure, For

Complicated Situations

Self-Employment Expenses, Debt & Prior Support, New Spouses, One-Off Expenses

Section 7 Special & ExtraOrdinary Child Expenses

Child Care, Health/Medical/Dental, Education, Post-Secondary, Extra-Curricular Activities


Complex family law issues, determined on cogently presented & explained evidence

Accurate Property Disclosure, For Those With

Real Property, Wherever

Matrimonial Home, Cottages, Investment Properties, Foreign Property

Savings & Business Interests

Chequing, Savings, TFSA, RRSP, RESP, Pensions, Retirement Programs, Corporate Interests

Personal Debt & Liabilities

Mortgages, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Family Loans, Student Loans, Taxes

Disclosure ... For Your Issues

Child Support
& Extra Expenses
Division of
Net Family Property
Post Separation Credits

It's not just a form, it's a Statement.
Your Statement.
Your Story.

Start Now.