Disclosure Clinic

More than just good advice, Disclosure Clinic uses easily accessible and free technology to mitigate your legal costs. 

Here’s an example.

The 2004 Precedent

The Law Society of Ontario has a sample family law financial statement [new tab]. It’s from 2004 – a prior version of the form – and some of the information is dated. 

It is what it is: Financial Disclosure 1.0.

Version 2.0

Here’s an updated Form 13.1 Financial Statement. Same 2004 information, using 2015 technology to add user-controlled sharable links. You can see what information has been substantiated, and what’s not.

Additional Cost: $0.00.

More importantly, here’s a new Form 13A: Financial Disclosure Certificate. Organized, linked and you can download the entire disclosure brief right from the form. Plus just add new disclosure as it’s uploaded.

Total time to create (using Google Scripts): 15.7 Seconds.

This is just the beginning.

Go Further

Experienced practitioners can look at the LSO Sample and quickly pick out problems. Obvious: No deductions for disposition costs on the home and cottage, nor tax on disposition of the cottage and RRSP. 

Not obvious: How or why does a party on (then) minimum wage have title to a cottage? Is this a case of imputing income, resulting trust, or possible exclusion? Who is raising these questions, and when? 

We do. Upfront, before it’s asked from the other side.

Help is Here

Disclosure Clinic does one thing, and does it well: Family Law Financial Disclosure, done right.

personalized disclosure

Quickly get your needed documents together so your disclosure doesn’t become the story.

Motions to change

Nowhere is telling your story more important than a motion to change.


Determining what disclosure is relevant and cogently presenting it.